Saturday, November 06, 2010

Season's end

It was the last game of Ali's soccer season today- (a cause for celebration, indeed!) I took him over, and we had an interesting dicussion in the car. He started it by telling me that a friend's dog had stopped to pee on a fence on the way to the park. I explained about marking territory. Then he wanted to know if dogs peed like we do, so the discussion became rather involved as we discussed anatomy and waste elimination. I explained dogs kind of crouched to poop, and tried to explain that people who didn't have bathrooms had to do this, too, (for instance, people who grew up in the jungle). Then he told me that someone's grandma (on t.v. I think) had a big ice cube to make her food cold, and did I have one of those? Once I figured out what he was talking about (an ice box) and that he was asking if I'd had that as a child, we started talking about living without a refrigerator. I could practically taste the smoked fish of my childhood as I explained that fish could be preserved by being smoked over the cooking fire. I wonder if a good Texan (i.e.- one with a smoker) could smoke a couple of trout for me.
Then to soccer- a good game- each team scored one goal for themselves, and our team scored another one for the other team as a last game gift.

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