Thursday, November 11, 2010

Finding people to read

Cup of Jo had a post about some friends' beautiful wedding in Tuscany which in turn led me to the websites of the two writers who had gotten married there. Devin Friedman has, first of all, a great looking website. I think it very appropriate for a writer. Don't all writers want to see their books on a library shelf? (Well, maybe better on the return shelf, or in the catalogue with a "checked out" note next to them). Second, he seems to be a pretty interesting writer, too.
Danielle Pergament has an interesting website, too, but not as visually appealing to me- which is funny, since hers is magazine covers with pictures, and his is a drawing. Hmmmm. Maybe I like the mix of analog- i.e. drawing- with technology.
Click on one of Pergament's magazines for a link to a story she wrote. I just read one that has me longing to visit Cartagena on a culinary tour.

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