Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Counting Sheep

Leila announces tonight that she needs sleeping pills. Apparently, she has a hard time falling asleep. Grandma and I both dispute this, but she claims she lies awake quietly. As if she could.
The other day we were exiting the freeway on our way to soccer and another driver crossed the double white line. I complained about it. "That's called the bloody line," Leila told us. I asked who had told her that, and apparently I had. I then realized that during another "I'm surrounded by idiots" rant I had called it "the bloody line."
Because we were with one of her friends, I didn't want to explain that she had caught me in a British swear, so tried to just brush it off.
Then at the soccer game, one of the dad's referred to something as "bloody" and I started laughing about it all.

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