Sunday, October 10, 2010

blood and dreams

I made strawberry juice for breakfast. We ran out of eggs, so pancakes were off the menu, and I needed to spice up our biscuits and fruit salad and bacon (turkey variety). The kids did their part about spicing up the conversation. For them, the juice could be blood! This went on, and on, with plans to serve it at a Halloween party. Then Ali asked, "Are we warm blooded or cold blooded." I wasn't really thinking, and replied "cold blooded." (What can I say? The frozen strawberries in the juice were getting to me.) Leila set him straight- "warm blooded." Ali then suggested that for the party we put the juice in the oven to warm it up. He thought that would be more authentic. Leila preferred we freeze it and just tell people we're cold blooded. I agree.
Leila is practicing "Do, Re, Mi" which we picked out by ear yesterday.She's doing well.
Last night I had this wonderful dream that I was at a table (kitchen table?) with the son of the president of a big soda pop company in Colombia and the president, too. I was giving them the idea to make natural soda, not using fake sugar but real sugar. Then I threw in the idea of having small farmers in Colombia produce the fruit that would flavor them. It was a revolutionary dream. I wish we could do that- have the big companies in Colombia buy directly from coops of small farmers who would then have a market for legal produce. We could call it Sin Coca, Cola. (without Coca, Cola.)

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