Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sick and tired

No, really. I'm sick and tired. Actually, yesterday was worse.
On Sunday afternoon, I realized I hadn't seen Ali for a while, and I found him asleep on my bed. When I leaned over to check on him, I got a whiff of a bad smell on his breath, and he was really hot. The poor kid had a stomach flu. His fever got a little higher, but responded to medicine, and he threw up a couple more times- very neatly, though! (I love it when the kids get older and the sick doesn't go all over the bed and me.)
He was sick again in the middle of the night, but in the morning woke up pretty cheerfully. He didn't feel great, but much better than the day before.
"Well, my brain is better. Yesterday it was bad," he told me.
Later he said that "his brain, his head, his skull" had been bad the day before.
He settled in for a day on the couch with gatorade, saltines, and cartoons. When I got home, early, because I was wiped out and dizzy, he was pretty fine.
Today he's back at school. I feel better, but I've lost my voice. People have been sick with various things lately, so we aren't sure what we have, but it's possible that my woes are simply allergies, as ragweek is doing it's damndest.

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