Wednesday, September 01, 2010


We've been doing a lot of organizing/decorating at the house. While the kids and I were gone, H repainted the living room in almost the same color as before (that was winter wheat- now it's valley view- not quite as good) and changed the colour of the kids' room from yellow to half green/half blue. This fits the themes we picked out of mermaids and underwater for Leila and air transportation for Ali. Then H built two storage beds for the kids, and bought colorful bins for their toys. I am still working on windows and some other decor for the room, but it's a start.
Then I put colourful IKEA pillowcases on the chairs that were marking up the dining and living room walls, and bought a Hemnes T.V. bench which I am currently putting together on the living room floor. We've also moved some furniture around. Ali asked me last night "Why is our house changing?" I thought he might not like it, since he doesn't always like change right away, but it seems he just had a question. I've also got some plexiglass so that I can exhibit one of my larger photographs on one wall of the living room using Ribba picture rails. It's got to all come together by Saturday night, when we've got a huge Ramadan dinner going on. I'll post pictures when it's all finished.
Last night, I heard a thump, and went into the kids room to find Leila on the floor, her pillow still beneath her head. This morning she didn't remember falling out of bed- or getting up to drink water. Ali says it didn't happen because he didn't hear it.We put a rail up for his bed, but didn't have one for hers. They are about 3 feet off the ground. Good thing sleeping children are relaxed and we'd put the bean bag chair next to her bed.

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LA the plannerd said...

i have those pillow covers!! and hemnes is my favorite favorite line at ikea...though we haven't had a good reason to get anything from it yet.