Saturday, June 19, 2010

the good life

So, several of the blogs I read make me long for the kind of life that they are describing. Since I can't move to what sounds like fabulous neighborhoods or towns, and, even if I did, wouldn't have the life of the people I'm reading about, it's a good reminder to create the life I want right where I am.
And actually, we do a lot of fun things. Last Saturday the kids and I went to White Rock Lake market and got face/arm painted (the kids, not me) and bought thyme, rosemary, and two kinds of basil for the garden. Then we went to the library for the summer reading program kickoff with Eddie Coker, and a free book for each kid, and more books that Mommy bought 1/2 price. In the afternoon I explored a developing area of Dallas where a cool store I've been wanting to check out- We Are 1976- has opened up near a nice coffee shop. I stopped by Half Price Books on my way back north, and then checked out the Art-o-mat at the new Whole Foods Market at 75 and Park.
In the evening we celebrated a friend's daughter's graduation from high school- the kids in the pool for most of the evening. (This is a story in itself and deserves its own post).
The day before this I took my kids and Leila's friend to hang out at the Dallas Museum of Art, which has a fun place for kids to create.
This week, the kids were back to the library for story time, and we did a swimming afternoon at a community pool with a great splash pad and slides. Yesterday we spent at a local lake with some friends.
Today we stuffed ourselves with pancakes and bacon, and now I'm going to do some art stuff on my own including a meeting downtown for Girl Show in July. Then this evening we have a swim party at another friend's house.
So, all in all, it is a good life. Downtime at home is spent by the kids reading and playing pirates and Star Wars and lots of drawing. The t.v. watching and computer using is down to a minimum, and the cleanup is relatively cheerful, especially when rewarded by a trip to Ikea and Smaland. (Which Leila will outgrow very soon, and thus wants to take much advantage of.)
I do have pictures to illustrate much of this, but not the time to put them up right now, so check back later for the visuals.


concretegodmother said...

the art-o-mat is COOL! i want one. guess i'll have to pay a visit to costa mesa.

morningstar said...

"I had the elated, otherworldly feeling I sometimes get when entering the sphere of another’s life, when for a moment changing my banal habits and living like that seems entirely possible, a feeling that always dissolves the next morning, when I wake up to the familiar, unmovable shapes of my own life"

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This reminded me of your post...