Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Ali has a surprise for me, he says. He brings it over and presents it- well, a part falls off so he half presents it while recovering the piece from the floor. It's a lego construction. I like to create things, he tells me. This is a house, so if you get lost you always have a house.

Today was Mother's Day at Ali's school. They sang some fun songs- the theme was candy- and then we had "tea." The kids helped prepare little plates (plastic trays) of cheese cubes on a stick, pretzel sticks, grapes, and a mint. I was hungry! The tea was green sherbert punch. This is my last Mother's Day Tea at this school. We've had such a fun time there, and made good friends.
This evening Leila got her soccer trophy. She really likes her coach, and made him a hilarious card. He enjoys the girls and wants to teach them soccer from the ground up. Leila got to be on a team with a girl from her preschool, and it turns out her uncle is the coach.


Raisa said...

Leila is such a beautiful name for a girl. I also like Ali. Do you know what Leila means? In Urdu, it means Beauty of the Night, or someone who makes the night beautiful.

Lomagirl said...

Thanks, I like those names, too. Leila means the same in Arabic.