Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Peep Jousting

I thought it would be fun to share a little more about Peep Jousting, which I mentioned in an earlier post.
Peep Jousting is a sacred tradition at our Easter morning brunch. Everyone who wants to participate is put on the roster. We fight two by two, until the final two battle it out for the title of "Peep Noir" which they carry until it is wrested from their hands the following year.
Here's how it plays out: each contestant chooses a peep. (For non USers, a peep is a brightly coloured marshmallow in the shape of a chick. Apparently, they also have chocolate covered ones. We don't use those.) Some of the peeps are kept from the year before because some people believe that dried out peeps perform better than their fresher counterparts (this is counter ageism). The two peeps are placed on a paper plate, and toothpicks are inserted into their chests. The contestants arrange the peeps and the placement of the toothpicks to their mutual satisfaction (or, the lazier contestant like myself let someone else do the arranging and merely approve). The plate is put into the microwave, and, after final approval, the door is closed. When the microwaving begins, the peeps begin to turn, carefully keeping their position. As the temperature rises, they begin to swell.

If all goes well, soon one of them manages to pierce the other with a toothpick, and the duel is over. The winner is declared, and new peeps are chosen for the next round of the tournament. There are times when it is more difficult to determine which peep was victorious, and the peeps must be carefully examined to determine who won. Sometimes the call is based on which peep looks the worse for wear.

The vanquished peep and victor both are discarded, or eaten up by sweet toothed children.


concretegodmother said...

ok, that's just freakin' hilarious! i think you may have just inspired a new annual tradition for my own family! lol!

one question: which peep in the photo won -- the blue one or the yellow one? (i'm secretly thinking the yellow, but being a total peep jousting neophyte, i'm not sure i'm judging by the correct rubrics.)

concretegodmother said...
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Mastaff said...

Man that sounds fun. Maybe an idea to use for next easter. (hope you don't mind I steal it) I went to church and had a nice dinner (the church provided a dinner for us that evening) and then we went home and I did my online business stuffs for the day and overall was a fun easter :)

Happy resurrection day!

Lomagirl said...

Everyone is welcome to peep joust. I didn't invent it- just joined a community that did it. As to who won- I think technically neither on that one, so we voted yellow the winner as blue is definitely in worse shape!

Melissa said...

LOL...this is awesome! I love it! I'm going to have to tell my peep loving daughter about this one! Thanks for sharing :-)