Wednesday, April 14, 2010


We've got these long legged, flying bugs in every corner of the house these days. H put one outside, but then Ali found another one in the bathroom. I told him it wouldn't hurt him. "What does it eat," he asked me. "Bananas," I told him. A little bit later he asked, "Does it peel the banana?" "No." "Do you peel the banana for it?" "No," I laughed.
Later Ali is hungry, so I offer him a tangerine. "The bug will eat it," he tells me. "No he won't," I assure him. "How do you know?" "Because it'll be in your tummy." "Uh, uh. I'm going to give him some." He leaves a piece on the counter. Then he's scared because it's flying around. "Did you eat your tangerine?" I ask him. "Yes. The bug didn't eat his yet," he tells me.

On another note- Leila came home from school with a collection box for childhood leukiemia fund raising. The class who brings in the most money gets something from Olive Garden. "I'm not going to buy a light saber with my $20," she tells me. "I'm going to donate my money." I decided to let her, although I wasn't sure on her motives. However, when she started putting her other money in the next day because her class is only in 3rd place, I stopped her. She assured me that she wanted to help the children with leukemia and wasn't just doing it for the prize. One dollar and some change was enough though after the previous day's largesse.
It's a good cause, too. I told her about the people I know touched by it- my cousin Margaret who died as a young teenager, Heather, the kid sister of my childhood best friend, who died in her early 20s, and my friend's father who has just undergone his first couple rounds of treatment.

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