Wednesday, April 28, 2010

food matching

Sometime in junior high home ec class, I was taught to make sure to always have a variety of colors on the plate. Sometimes, though, it's fun to break the rules.

At least the plate is pretty.
This was not tonight's meal though. Tonight we had super delicious shrimp tacos. I picked up fresh tortillas from Fiesta, fried up some shrimp with fajita seasoning, and put oil and lemon on some shredded cabbage. That with guacamole and chips- Leila thought I should open my own restaurant.
I did mean to take a picture, but once I got everyone served to their requirements, I was too hungry to remember it.

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pmddkat said...

I once made an all white plate of food and it tasted awful - think it was chicken cauliflower cheese and mashed potato... funny - colour does make a difference!