Thursday, April 15, 2010

Filling the house with yummy smells.

Tonight we're having enchiladas for dinner. Mine are healthy, and good, I think,- much better than the strange, bright red tortilla, too much sauce ones that H got at a restaurant last month. I made them semi from scratch- okay, not really. I boiled up some chicken legs earlier, had already cooked extra broccoli last night, and I always have grated cheese on hand. The tortillas were left over from Monday night's tortilla soup- bought fresh that day from Fiesta. The enchilada sauce- and plenty of it- was in the pantry. (I usually run out too soon). So I put together two pans of this, and one went in the freezer. I don't fry my tortillas before hand so it's pretty easy to do.

The problem is, every time I've got chicken bones, I feel the need to make broth, but I don't have room for it in my freezer, and dinner tomorrow is the shrimp in the fridge. But I gave in and you can see the pot boiling away in the back- with carrots, almost-done-for celery, a bit of onion, and cilantro for flavoring. Next week I might have to make some black bean soup with it.
Now if the fam would get back from the park we might get to eat before bedtime.


Loma Kath said...

We made enchiladas for 35 people on Saturday. We layered them -- so much easier than the ones I make. I always toast the tortillas over the flame before I roll them so they don't crack. Yummy -- they go well in the freezer. And I add spinach.... for color, as I used to tell the kids before the wised up to what I was doing.

Neil Mc Core said...

I have prepared something similar ... very good, a few days I'll try this