Saturday, September 12, 2009

The end for a longish/shortish week. I think the thunderstorm has passed, or at least my sinuses have quit pressing on me. The kids are sleeping all snug in their beds- Ali actually falls asleep in his bed now. I did have to lay down with him last night because a thunderstorm knocked out the power for a while. It came back on when I was brushing my teeth. I only dripped toothpaste in one or two places while trying to find my toothbrush in the dark. Then it went back off again. Then on again. Temperamental is what it is, but somewhat dependable in that any big storm can send it out. Sometimes I wonder what kind of place I'm living in. I don't actually mind except for all the food in the fridge- as long as I can get my coffee in the morning.
Last weekend was the last of the public swimming pools until next summer. We soaked it in Sunday afternoon and Monday, both, at a new pool north of here with a water slide for grownups, and a mini slide and play structure in the kids small pool. Thanks to our neighbor we discovered it just in time for closing weekend. Leila is tall enough to go down the big slide, and she spent a lot of time on it. I even went down a couple of times.
We also went to the movies- 50cents at the cheap theater on Monday to see Up! Leila had tears in her eyes, but then, so did I. Ali survived it- the first movie he's been to since I had to take him out of The Tale of Desperaux, shaking with fear, a year or so ago. (Darn previews!)
I also photographed our neighbors Monday morning- family portrait. I'll have to post one here after I get to editing them.

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morningstar said...

Josephine cried at her first movie this week - Wizard of Oz. We asked her if she was sad. "NO, I just have tears."

I'm looking forward to seeing Up.