Monday, July 20, 2009

Vacation days

We've been here almost two weeks now. We decided not to take the apartment at the beach when the owners wanted to charge us for one week what they had previously stated for two weeks. We were also fortunate enough to be invited to stay at the beach house of Essia- H's sister-in-law's cousin's beach house. As her husband is an old friend of H's, that worked out pretty well. We spent one night there, came back here, and then went back for four nights.
One morning H took Leila and Ali to the beach along with the teenage boy of the house where we were (he's about 14 but acts much younger). I was going to follow later after a couple cups of coffee. Not long after they went down H came racing back to say that Leila had stepped on a stinging fish. He had carried her up to the road and left her with a woman beside the store where we buy ice cream. Meanwhile, he was reluctant to leave Ali with the boy, so was hurrying them along, but they are terribly slow walkers. He woke up his brother M and they took the car back to get Leila. I expected them to bring her back, but they took her straight to the hospital. Both H and I were remembering the stories we had heard two summers ago about the very dangerous stinging fish, but the doctor assured him that many people came in with these stings and they were not dangerous. After a shot in her bum Leila felt much better and soon could hardly remember which foot it was. I guess the foot wasn't happy about this though, because that evening I gave her the teapot to take into the kitchen and she didn't lift it high enough onto the counter, so the bottom broke off and landed on her toe, cutting it. Next thing I know she is crying hard and H is racing her to the bathtub, her foot dripping blood. It wasn't bad though, and I had come very prepared with neosporin and bandaids, so she was soon ensconced on a mattress in the midst of everyone. They though it the bad eye- someone must have seen her and envied her. Between all that and her tummy hurting it was quite a fuss. Ali has been checking his underwear for poop for the last few days since everyone had an upset stomach due to drinking tap water.
I had my own problem with sea creatures the first evening we went swimming. The waves swept me into the rocks and smashed my foot into a sea urchin. However, I've had worse pain, so I soon went back to swimming. The local fishermen said to leave it a day or two and then pop it out. I figure they'll come out on their own.
The kids are swimming really well, and I'm so proud of Leila that she was willing to go back into the water the same day she had been stung- she showed no fear at all. Ali has to check with me at each beach that there are no sharks or octopus there. the only octopi are the ones we eat for dinner.
Last night we returned to attend the wedding of one of H's great nieces. It was earsplitting loud and late at night- we arrived at about 10- so it was a relief to use the tired children as an excuse to leave after a short stay. It was nice to see some of the family that I hadn't seen yet, including H's niece that we had stayed with the first time I came here. Her husband too is a great friend of H's and they've been through a hard time in the last few years.
I do have pictures. I just need to post them, but you know how I am.


CoffeeDrinking said...

Ahhh, the joys of vacation
& small injuries in unfamiliar places!

Loma Kath said...

Good story. Glad you all are well, despite everything.