Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Summer semester's end

The semester is winding down- all short five weeks of it. Today was my last Creative Workshop class, and my teacher spoke generously about my work and me. This was uplifting since I got into neither show that I submitted to this summer and have been feeling a definite lack of art mojo. Yesterday I went in to speak with him about my insecurities, and today he let me know I shouldn't have those. And, he added that I had a good energy in the class as a person. I think I talk too much sometimes, but I'm willing to give feedback to the other students while some of them are very passive participants. The professor thought I'd make a good college level art teacher if I get my MFA. Well....
So the art is good.
And tomorrow is the last day of teaching for the summer, and at this college as I move back to my former place of employment beginning mid August. Once more I'll be packing up and moving boxes out. (Actually, H does all the heavy lifting.) This time, though, I'll be moving into a new office and with a much lighter heart than last August when I was rehired and had to move back into the office I'd vacated two months before. However, for all that I'm very excited about the move, there's a part of me that realizes I'm leaving a place that is growing in very interesting ways. It sounds like they are hiring 3 people (maybe even 4) to do what I've been doing alone for the past 3 years. This will allow for the program to really grow and it'll probably be very innovative, especially with the new leadership coming in as well. (A friend of mine from where I used to work and am going back to is coming in as the dean).
Finally, as a great ending to the day, Ali decided he should go to sleep in his own bed. We did have a little fussing about the ba, but I explained that boys with bas didn't go to sleepovers. And then he told me he was going to whine about it some more and did. He was sort of lying here (getting off the bed and then me threatening him and then getting on is sort of) and then Leila couldn't sleep so I told her to turn on her light and read. He thought that sounded fun so he went into their room to do that. Of course, she didn't like it. Finally we worked it out for him to leave the light on and her to sleep. When I went in a short time later he was fast asleep with the light still on, and she was profunda with a pillow over her head. If we can keep this up, I'll be sitting pretty.

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