Friday, July 10, 2009

Oh my aching back!!!

Too many hours on planes and then sleeping on a hard bed has sent my back into a twisted mess. I'm doing my exercises and praying it stops, but for now I'm pretty uncomfortable.
We flew to Frankfurt via Toronto. First time to both Canada and Germany for the kids. Rather than spend our fifteen hour layover revisting the haunts of my semester abroad 20 years ago, we got a hotel room right at the airport and slept the day away. Much more practical with children. Leila thought a hotel was so cool; Ali didn't want to be there at first, but after sleeping he was okay with it. Then late that night we flew on to Tunis, arriving with all but one piece of luggage that they'd made us check at the gate. (The other piece we checked at the gate got through fine). The kids and I went to H's niece's house nearby, and he and a friend drove on down to the Sahel (what the call the part of the country where we stay). Ali and Leila didn't really want to sleep, and when the call for prayer went up at 3 am right (literally) outside the window, Ali joined in wailing that he wanted his daddy, and home, and a whale that he'd seen in the gift shop. He finally fell asleep and so did I, but I realized he doesn't do well with change. Now I know what my parents went through when H and I went off on a honeymoon last year.
The next day the kids were happy to have Tom and Jerry on the telly, and we went for a little tour, ending up with a quick splash at the beach of the kids. After a late lunch and a nap, we drove on down to H's "village."(It's really a town of thousands.)
It's hot, but there is a nice breeze, and we'll probably be off to the beach at some time.

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