Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I sat down for dinner and told the kids how happy I was that I'd booked a hotel for us in Frankfurt for our 15 hour layover on the way to Tunis. (It'll be totally worth the money to have a place to rest for the day).
"Don't say we have a hotel in Germany," Leila says, "Because it makes my tummy really excited and I just ate."

Out of nowwhere, a few minutes later, Ali says, "It's not funny."
"What's not funny?"
"Nobody. Dogs are not funny."
"Why not?"
"Becaue they're not. Dogs are fun to play with."

Then I get in trouble for using napkins from little miss ecological.
"Don't use napkins. You should have handcuffs in your pocket. Well, usually fancy people have handcuffs in their pockets."

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Loma Kath said...

If my boy had handcuffs in his pocket he would be so much happier than using a napkin! Maybe we should be fancy people from now on....