Wednesday, May 13, 2009


This boy of ours is so funny. Today we went to a new park, with fantastic climbing structures. "It's like a video game," he said. And then worked up the courage to slide down the highest slide.
This morning I was talking to him about getting rid of his pacifier, and he walked over to the trash can and threw away the one in his mouth. He did pretty well all day, but when bedtime came, he was begging and pleading for one. "Please, please," he moaned, breaking my heart. "Get me my ba, mommy. Andale."
Last night H was cutting his own hair, and then he cut Ali's. Ali was fussing about how long it took. At the end, H handed him the buzzers and had Ali buzz his (H's) head. Then Ali started crying, "I need the scissors." "Why?" "I need to finish up your hair, daddy."
No way!

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