Wednesday, April 08, 2009

What she said

Leila didn't want to wake up and go to school today. So she came into the kitchen still in pajamas, and asked, "Can I have a substitute?"
Wouldn't that be nice? There are days when I want one of those to go to the grocery store and do laundry.

Ali didn't want to go to bed last night so he brought me a story to read to him. Half way through he realized that he had memorized it already and took it away from me to read himself. (Of course, I had to help still). The book was Oh, David and goes through all the things a little boy says when he gets in trouble. Ali said them with great feeling and emotion. After he finished "reading" it to me, he decided to read it through on his own while I went to the kitchen. When I came back in and told him to put it down and go to bed, he said, "I want to read it to myself." I told him he just had, and he replied, "No. I was reading it to an imaginary grownup."

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