Saturday, April 11, 2009

Scary mommy moment

Ali is super independent now (how many scary mommy moments start like that?) and has to get his own clothes out. His dresser is pretty tall, and he likes to climb on the lower drawers to reach the upper. I've told him not to do this, and today he found out why. We heard an ominous crash- really a series of crashes. With the first few both Habib and I started running into the kids' room. We found Ali on the floor under the drawers of his dresser. Luckily the dresser itself was kept from falling on him by the toy rack. He was screaming and once we got the drawers off of him, I scooped him up and brought him into my room. I could tell right away that nothing was broken, but we got some ice for his hands. A few minutes later he was ready to go and get dressed again, but this time he promised not to climb up the dresser.
H is going to get brackets and secure the dresser to the wall.
Leila watched it all from the safety of her bed, and while I was comforting Ali she did her part, bringing kleenex being what she could think of. I didn't think we needed any right now, but Ali protested- I need to wipe my eyes- he said.

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