Thursday, April 09, 2009

The imaginary grownup is back.

This time, Ali wants me to dance with an imaginary grownup so that he doesn't have to. "And be happy," he tells me. "I want to dance with you," I tell him, swaying around the kitchen. "But you're dancing with an imaginary friend!" he reminds me.

Just now he tells Habib- "My friend called me stupid on my phone." The phone is a Mickey Mouse one from Disneyland. If that's the kind of language Disney is using these days, I'd better give thema talking to.


morningstar said...

Have you read that Adam Gopnik book Through the Children's Gate? In it he talks about his daughter's imaginary friend, Charlie Ravioli, who is always too busy to play with her. Then again, Josephine is always on her cell phone trying to get Cinderella to come over.

Lomagirl said...

No. I'll have to check the book out. Thanks.
That Cinderella thinks she's a princess or something- she never deigns to play with anyone.