Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Since there was very little entertainment in the boonies- none, as a matter of fact- we had to make our own. One way we did this was skits. It was amazing how crazy the grownups could be- in this photograph, Pam White and Jane Peterson are doing the banana/bandana skit and the unseen audience is splitting their sides laughing.
In this skit, the person in the front is instructing the person in the back how to fold a bandana and put it in her pocket. The woman in the back hears, "take a banana," and copies everything the first woman does with a bandana using her banana.
They performed this as demanded several times on various occasions.
Another popular act was Nate Waltz's ventriloquist act with his dummy, Jerry. We loved Jerry, and he loved being out of his box. Uncle Nate would stuff him back in the box and he would protest, asking for a drink of water and using the same stalling tactics we used at bedtime.

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