Monday, January 19, 2009

Reflections from the kitchen sink

One of life's greatest luxuries in running water- HOT running water. I've carried enough water in my short lifetime to know this. (Enough water would be one wire handled bucket full up a 500 meter hill, but I've carried more than that.) When you have to bring your water from the river, or a far away well, you treasure it- dishes get washed in only a few boiled inches, as do hands.
And since we're boycotting Starbucks right now- (What! You aren't? Well, some of the data is sketchy, but there is a possibility that the chairman, Howard Schultz, supports zionism, and since that has lead to over a 1000 deaths in Gaza in the last month, many of the victims children, we're staying away)-we could send all the money we're saving to sites like Living Water International, which drill wells for people without water. (It always cracks me up at how unhelpful it is when people talk about what you could do with the money you don't spend at Starbucks. I spend under $10 a month there, and usually not anywhere near that, and so I can't pay off my mortgage or buy a jaguar with my savings.)

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