Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to get off work and school for 3 days in a row

I didn't do it on purpose, really!, but I haven't been to work in 3 days. Monday I had a sub for my classes because I planned to be out with Leila's colonoscopy and recovery. Tuesday my plans to go to work were interrupted by Leila's early morning trip to the ER which lasted until midmorning, and H's search for medicine which meant I couldn't make even my final class of the morning. It was just as well, really, since Leila was pretty sick and H was wiped out from lack of sleep. This morning it is an act of nature- an ice storm has made driving very dangerous, and it's just risen to 22 C. (I know, that's nothing compared to Michigan, but this is Texas we're talking about.) Unfortunately, all the shows that are fun to watch in the morning have been superseded by news covering how dangerous driving is. We got it, now give us Rachel Ray and the Price is Right! Even though the college opens up at noon, I'm not goin to drive over for a couple of hours of work. I'll do better doing it here at home. At least Leila's better and hopping around. And I've told the children no more trips to the hospital for at least a week!
Update-Work didn't open at noon after all, and neither did my university- so I get to stay home all day!

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pickleandcake said...

glad to hear the patient is hopping about!

we had to drive on ice when we went to big bear over christmas, and it was TERRIFYING because we know nothing of such ice. but some people drive it on it for months a year!