Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Coffee can't help this

So last night Leila had a fever of about 103 F. I gave her motrin and we wiped her down with a cold cloth, and the temperature started going down, but since she'd just had a medical procedure I was worried. H took her to the ER where they found she has the flu, but ran some other tests as well for internal bleeding. Luckily they found nothing. But what are the chances of getting the flu like that?
I hope this is the end of our medical mysteries.
While at the ER Leila got an internal x-ray after being pumped full of some fluid- probably radioactive. We're a little worried about what all this cell bombardment will do to her body- that's 2 x-rays in less than a week.

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some chick said...

i really hope that mary judah does not have the flu. i really hope that i do not get whatever mary judah has. especially if it's the flu.