Saturday, November 29, 2008

getting dressed

Having a bad back makes putting pants and socks on and off much more of a chore, and it makes me aware of how difficult dressing is for people who are losing their agility. It's also pretty difficult for 3 year olds who haven't yet learned the correct coordination.
Ali spends several minutes wrestling his shirt off. He starts by getting it over his head, but then the arms are still in, and he has to contort and twist his limbs behind his back to get the shirt off. Sometimes he just comes straight to me, but more and more he's doing it on his own. The going on part is independent now, and I'm not allowed to help.
Leila and her friend who is spending the night have no problem changing clothes, but I have to snap the buttons for them on the fancy Chinese outfits. They come to my bedside and I reach out with numb fingers to snap them up. By 11:00 am they've changed 3 times, putting on layers and taking them off, piling them on the floor. By the third outfit I give a stern talking to them about my having to do laundry and send them off to put all the clothes away.

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