Wednesday, October 01, 2008

In sickness

Monday morning I dragged myself into work with a sore throat and achy muscles, which I attributed to the gym. But when I started getting the chills of a fever, I dragged myself back home again.
Most of Monday I spent flat out in bed. Ali slept with me for a while, and the kids were surprisingly good. Leila showed her sweet side, making me a card that said, "Mommy, I love you?" The questions mark meant "why" apparently, and she explained why. I think it was because I was sick, or I was her mommy. My fevered brain didn't retain the info. She also brought me a glass of juice, and remembered to wash the straw she put in it, and to tell me so. Ali had dumped them all out on the floor a few weeks ago and so I've been advising we wash them.
Ali brought me a juice box. I hid it when Leila then brought the glass of juice so that they wouldn't fight. He was fascinated with the thermometer, and we took his temperature as well. Then he ran off with it. Then Leila brought it back and he got mad. But in general they did well not fighting with each other.
Habib made soup for me, and dinner for everyone and offered to go and get me anything I needed. Mostly that was sleep, though.
Yesterday some of the sickness concern had worn off, but luckily I was feeling better- well enough anyway to get out of bed for the occasional request.
Today I'm back at work, fever gone (I think) but glands still swollen and sore. Maybe I'd better go to the doctor today.

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