Wednesday, September 17, 2008

the blues

I guess lots of kids in L's class wear blue jeans, because she's been talking about them. Yesterday on the way home she was begging for a pair, but I reminded her that we are trying not to buy anything this month except food in doing our part to save the environment (really it's because I don't want a large credit card bill in the middle of October, but she has been talking about saving animals and the like, so I thought that was a better thing for her to think about than family finances). L has never been into blue jeans much as they aren't that comfortable, but now fashion istrumping comfort. Luckily my sister has passed on a lot of her daughter's outgrown clothes, so, after L cleaned up her toys in the living room (motivation works) we went into her bin of hand-me-downs and found a pair of jeans that she promptly matched with a sparkly shirt we found. Of course, she wore them for dinner- Tio Scott and JT from community were with us, and this morning they were on again, cuffs rolled up about 6 inches, and she was prepped for school. They fit pretty well- if I tug they fall down, but we paired them with a belt this morning.
This is another little thing that's cheering me up.

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