Tuesday, August 19, 2008

family fun night

Once I realized I wasn't going in to work today, I called one of L's friends, and the girls and I headed out to IKEA where they played and I got frames for some prints we picked up in California. As usual, we finished up with frozen yogurt "ice cream". (Glad it's yogurt, because Leila is off lactose milk products in an effort to identify what's been giving her such bad stomach aches.)
Then it was home with frozen pizza and natural tangerine soda for a family fun night. We ate pizza, then played Candyland (I won!). After bath time, we curled up on the couch in pajamas for Ice Age. It was quite a hit- A said he liked it, and L was crying by the end. Of course we had popcorn to go with it.
Then L went to bed, and A jumped on our bed, and danced around, and kept his energy levels high. What is with that kid? No more naps for him.
Tomorrow I made head in to work for a while. I'll see what the dean says. It looks like I'm taking the job- I had a nice call from the head of HR, who told H that she was "going to make me happy." I don't think they pay THAT much.

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