Tuesday, July 22, 2008

with this ring

I've wanted a wedding ring for a long time. There's something about a ring that I always thought would make me feel really married. But it turns out, it takes some getting used to. For one thing, it's a little big, so I often wear it on my right hand, where my ring finger is bigger. That's okay though, since in Colombia that's where one should wear a wedding ring. And this one is from Colombia, which makes it extra special. And then I also have to remember to take it off when I'm mixing hamburgers or when I go swimming with the kids, which means having to remember to put it back on again later.


concretegodmother said...

oh, that's beautiful, lomagirl! wow! i know what you mean about awkward at first. it's like when you get braces, and at first, you feel as though your lips are protruding out to here. but eventually you get used to it. and you will, too. and it's lovely! ("more pix, more pix!" shouted her adoring fans.)

concretegodmother said...

oh, and i love the glow! it almost seems as if the ring has something to with creating it.