Saturday, May 24, 2008

petite quiche

After scouring every store in town for affordable, non-bacon containing quiches, I finally made them myself. I was warned that it would take too much time, and be too difficult, but the truth is, it really didn't take me any longer than scouring all those stores. I found a nifty little recipe in Better Homes and Gardens - the wedding reception issue- and whipped it up. Except for a mathematical problem involving the cream cheese, which luckily I caught, but then figured out wrong and then caught again, it was remarkably easy. I ended up making about quadruple the crust dought (math problem) when I only meant to make double. I probably used too much in each mini muffin pan though, as I don't appear to have that much left over. I didn't get out my ruler to measure exactly how big my one inch balls were. Then I didn't have the pestle from a pestle and mortar to squish said dough into the mini muffin pan, so for the first set I used the smaller end of an egg, dipped in flour. For the second set, I managed to break the egg, and then I managed to break a hard boiled egg, and finally I settled on a measuring spoon. That worked very well, but everything had to be well floured.
I can now make 48 mini muffin at a time, and I made a total of 2 and 3/4 batches, so have about 120 quiches (we ate some.) I had to improvise for the last batch as I ran out of filling (which I had also doubled, but ran out a little early.)
They are now freezing nicely to be popped out and refreshed in a toasty oven before being served to our guests.
Yesterday I spent the morning with a Tunisian friend making makroud- traditional Tunisian pastries. They are awaiting the festivities in the back of my fridge.
And I have a ton of papers to grade.
In other news- my dress is ready, and H's suit is back from the cleaners. The kids are almost set- Leila is missing her ribbon still. Oh, and I need the proper foundation garments for my dress. A friend of ours who trained for couture in Paris helped fit my dress since I had to go up a size in order to fit a certain larger part of my body.
I have one or two more menu things to make, some returns, and a little more shopping, and I'll be ready for next weekend!


concretegodmother said...

well, aren't you quite the julia child? that's awesome! way to go! they sound delicious!

by the way, the photos you posted are wonderful. i've only had time to make my through a mere fraction of them, but have no fear -- i will continue to return to them often to feast my eyes!

by the way, you've been tagged! :-)

Elizabeth said...

Creative! I admire your skills.