Thursday, May 01, 2008


Last night I told Leila we were going to have a special party and she was going to get a new dress. "Is it a wedding dress?" She wanted to know. I told her it was. So she figured out it was a wedding. I wouldn't tell her who it was, but I told her to guess. About a year ago, with all the weddings of my friends going on, she had been talking about Mommy and Baba getting married. She didn't guess us this time, though. Finally, I told her we were getting married. She thought it a little odd now. I explained that we had gotten married in our hearts before, but we'd never had a party, so we were going to have one now.
A little later I heard her telling Ali all about it. She even explained the part about getting married in our hearts. Then Ali said something about kissing. I said Baba would probably kiss me. He thought that was yucky. Then Leila got in on it- "I don't want you to kiss." So, I guess we'll be censored by our own children! That's what we get for waiting this long.
For Leila, it's all about the dress and the shoes. She drew a picture of what she wanted the dress to look like. I said we'd buy it in the store, but she wanted me to sew it! Come to think of it, if I sewed it, it probably would look a lot like her picture! Then we had to draw the shoes. For sure I'm not making those.

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concretegodmother said...

hahahaha! :-) how awesome! are they both going to be in it?