Thursday, April 24, 2008

Report on flying trip

I managed to drag myself into work today after a delayed flight and bad weather got me home about 1:30 in the morning. Then, I stayed up working with H on my project that is due today. The flight was luckily not too bad, and I actually graded papers! Imagine.
I flew to LA on Tuesday afternoon, grabbed a rental car, and made a late dinner at my sister's house. Her kids are a lot older than my kids, but some of their behaviour was very similar. It was fun to get to see who they are now, and great to play catch up with my sister.
Since my interview wasn't until the afternoon, I made plans to meet up with my friend from pickle and cake near a store I like. We had coffee and I interviewed/photographed her for my class project. She is so beautiful! Both inside and out. Too bad Reform School was closed, and didn't open at 12 like they were supposed to. I wanted to get more art-o-matic art!
I think the interview went well. I was relaxed, and the questions were great- they allowed me to say the things I wanted to say. I felt like I connected with most of the people on the committee, and I made them laugh! (With, not at.)
I was worried about making it to the airport on time, but the interview was quick, the traffic wasn't terrible, and so I arrived quite early for a flight that was then delayed. Typical.
There was even time for a Trader Joe's stop before the interview. Now I'm all stocked up on coffee and huge bricks of chocolate for the holics in the family- H and Ali, with Leila running a close second.

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