Friday, April 11, 2008

Greedy for Webkinz

This morning Leila asked if I was planning to give her a Webkinz for her birthday- "Because you said you were going to give me one," she said.
"No," I reminded her, "I said you were probably going to get one for your birthday." (Which she did; see below.) "And, we already gave you birthday presents. Your party is your present from us."
But it looks like she is going to get at least 2 more Webkinz from her friends. We finally went online and registered the kitty from my sister on Wednesday night. The best thing about this site is that they read the instructions aloud!
(For those of you who don't know. With these toys, you get a stuffed animal and then go online to "adopt" it- giving you access to a virtual pet in a virtual world with money to spend and everything. And when your initial money runs out, you can buy more! Isn't that nice? It's genius, I tell you. Genius. I wish I'd thought of it.)

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