Monday, April 14, 2008


I finished our taxes! Yippee, ti, yi, yay! (It's Texas, ya'll.) It didn't take me that long after all, but I was plenty grumpy. Everyone seemed to understand and steer clear of me. H finally put Ali to sleep.
The party on Saturday was good. We're still recovering. Both kids seem to be draggy and a bit sick, and the rest of us just tired and sunburned. I'll post more with pictures later in the week.
I had given up hope on this college in the LA area I'd applied to, and then they called me last week, so I'm off on a flying visit next week- I'm being all grownup and renting a car and everything. I guess it's a good thing the college that I'm at has been so slow on doing their interviews! I'm trying not to get all freaked out by the possibilities flying around.


Lorenloo said...

hey! email if you want while you're in LA: pickle and cake at yahoo no spaces.

concretegodmother said...

whoo! we'd love to hear about the party in greater detail!

and hurrah on the l.a. career call! we'll be praying (utterly selfishly, of course, b/c we want you out here). i know you said you're only in town for just a day, but if you want us to buy you dinner, we're amenable to that. ;-)

taxes? *you* do the taxes? isn't h the computer guru? i guess i sort of envisioned him doing the taxes on turbo tax or something like that. haha. see where assumptions get me? congrats on finishing them, though. what a relief, no?

and haha, my word verification is "riler." i guess that's pretty fitting some days.

Lomagirl said...

Thanks for the dinner invite, but it really is a super flying trip. Next time I'll come out for longer.
I know with the taxes! And what's worse, he ended up doing a friend's taxes! (With my help.) Granted, that family really needed his help, so it's okay. But still!

To cook is to release the artist within. said...

I love reading your entries loma girl.All the best for your trip.