Friday, March 28, 2008

a teaching moment

Early this morning Leila woke up with a tummy ache. There was much crying, and she ended up in our bed with a bowl just in case. Then she got up for a while because she thought pooping might help. That didn't work, so she came back to bed and I had to rub her back. If I stopped because I fell asleep or something, she would move her body. "When I move my body it means to keep rubbing," she told me. I was trying to be a good mother, so I kept rubbing her back. At some point Ali climbed in bed as well. (I've been moving him to his bed after he falls asleep. Leila didn't know this, so when she first climbed in she said, "Where's Ali?") Anyway, he wanted to be next to me, too. It almost started a fight, but H pulled him over next to him. Leila did start feeling better, and later got up with me and had breakfast.
But, before she started feeling too good, we decided to teach her something. Yesterday she had a friend over and Leila told H that they were going to have one brownie. However, they apparently had several each. So this morning, amidst all the groaning, H said, "This might be because you had so many brownies yesterday." I reiterated this later, and I guess it stuck because Leila decided that was probably why her stomach hurt.
I don't think that was really it since why would it hurt so much later? But I hope it'll get her to thinking about eating that many brownies next time.

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