Thursday, March 13, 2008

Easter party

Leila went back to school yesterday. Once the kids started their antibiotics they felt better immediately. They both went to school today. I made Ali go. If H takes him, he won't make him stay when he cries. Then they'll get home and Ali will say he wants to go back to school. He cried when I dropped him off today, but he stopped soon after.
I returned to the school for Leila's Easter egg hunt later and photographed it.
The kids scoured the playground, picking up every single egg, and then the teacher helped them divvy them up evenly. That was pretty funny. They put all the egss in a big pile, and then the teacher had them each take their favorite one. Then the girls got to take 2. Then the boys got to take 2. Then the boys again. Then the girls. It went on until there were only a few eggs left. Then all the kids had to spread out and dump out their eggs. Then they put them back in one at a time.
It turns out the boys each had 2 extra eggs, so we took one and gave it to a girl. (I don't think the kids would have even noticed by this point.) Then there was a little service in the sanctuary. The pastor pulled an egg out of his pocket, making a big show of having found it in the playground. Inside it said "God loves you," and he said that's what Easter is about. I thought that was nice and tasteful. Much better than my sister's church Sunday School where the teacher went into detail about the slaughter of the innocents. [My sister has commented that this wasn't really the Sunday School teacher. It was a woman from a church that shares their building, and they were doing a joint service at Christmas time.) Then we all cheered, "Yeah God!" and the kids went off to their parties. I took pictures at Leila's class party. She loved it that I was there. It's nice when my Spring Break falls on something like this.


some chick said...

where does she go to school?

and ...

eggs? slaughter of the innocents? wha? the? hey?

loma Kath said...

In defense of my church... It was not my church, but the church that also uses our church building who did a program for our kids at Christmas. They were way too clear about why Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus had to flee to Egypt. (Herod had sent out an edict to kill all the children under two). Not an Easter story at all!

At least you can't say I don't read your blogs!

Lomagirl said...

Okay. The slaughter of the innocents was at Christmas time. Anyway, the point is, this speaker had a better sense of what children should hear. Maybe because he's a methodist? I don't know. The Methodist are super good at the pre-school thing here in Texas. I'm glad you read my blog!