Thursday, March 27, 2008

April cometh

Every once in a while I get a nasty shiver as I remember- taxes! I've got to do them. However, I haven't figure out when in my schedule I can. Part of the problem is that the IRS never sent me a booklet. I'm kind of still waiting for it. Hmmm. I guess I thought that meant we didn't have to do them yet. After all, if I don't give my students the worksheet, they don't have to do the homework.
Hopefully I also just remember the taxes at a time I can actually do them. Like, not in the middle of class or right before I'm going to bed at midnight.

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some chick said...

we've already gotten our returns from both the federal and the state taxes. we did them the first weekend we had the stuff from joshua's work. man that feels good.

now i just want my rebate check from the guvmint.