Friday, February 15, 2008

University Shootings

It's frightening to hear of yet one more university shooting, and be in a similar environment. Our college responded to the Virginia Tech tragedy (isn't that such an inadequate word?) with a review of our emergency response process. But, as seen in last night's shooting at Champagne-Urbana, that doesn't help much when a shooter only needs a couple of minutes, and the almost instant police response couldn't save the lives he'd already taken.
What it makes me do? I try to smile and make eye contact when I'm walking down the hall. I hope that if someone is thinking of doing something so awful, the fact that one teacher, one person they ran into, SAW them that day, and recognized them as a person, might stop them. And I pray, alot. I pray for the families of the victims, the victims themselves, and the lost people out there who think shooting a gun at someone can bring them something.
I wonder what I'd do in this situation. What would you do?

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