Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's official

I look tired. That's what a colleague just told me. Hmmm. Maybe because I am? I wrote a brilliant post earlier about how I had something brilliant to post but couldn't remember what it was. Then it didn't post. Oh, well. It must be because I'm tired.
This week, I have a committee meeting off campus, a job interview (for a job that the incumbent will get) and several job applications to send out, including one for the job I'm doing now. All of this is on top of my normal busy schedule.
The whole job thing? I'm a visiting scholar finishing up a two year contract. In order to continue here, I have to go through a formal job application and interview process (I didn't before.) However, since there are no guarantees, I need to apply for other jobs as well. The interview I have this week is for a job being posted after another visiting scholar has finished up her two year contract at another school. She is bound to get the position, but it never hurts to let them know I'm interested. And, who knows? They may decide to hire two people. Or she may get pregnant and decide to stay at home. Or something. The point is, it never hurts to apply. I trust that she is a strong enough candidate that I won't oust her.
And I hope other people are applying for my job as well. I'd hate to have the campus lose out on a good teacher just because they were a friend of mine and didn't want to compete with me. I may get another job. In any case, even if they did hire someone else over me, I wouldn't really care. I think all things work together for good... and sometimes, being jobless sounds pretty good to me.


concretegodmother said...

good luck on the interviews, dear! i know you'll get the right job! you are fabulous.

jo(e) said...

Eh. It's February. Everyone looks tired because we are all tired.

It sounds like you have the right attitude about the job!

Coffee-Drinking Woman said...

good luck on the interviews! And jo(e) is right, we are all tired.

some chick said...

yeah, i realized i was tired when the thought of going out and getting a job sounded like taking it easy.