Friday, February 15, 2008


God's love sets me free to enter into community with other people - even when the community is a very limited one and is not the total communion that my heart desires. Only when I live in communion with God can I live in a community that is not perfect. Only then can I love the other person and create a space in which we might be quite distant or very close, but we can still allow something new to be born - a child, friendship, joy, community, a space where strangers and guests can be received.
--Henri Nouwen
(Once again, Sojourners!)
I wrote about community and my place in mine a couple of years ago (but not in this blog). This is kind of what I said, but a lot prettier. I mean, look at all the people who call themselves Christians. Do I really want to be in communion/community with them? Probably not, but then, they probably don't want to be with me either. So, grace steps in to allow us all to be part of this ungainly body, with such a beautiful head.

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Bebemiqui said...

Nouwen is his books. I got the earrings yesterday and they're even prettier in person. I think Kit should still be on the show...I'm sure there will be some twist to their elimination.