Saturday, February 09, 2008

27 dresses= 1 BAD movie

H and I had a date last night. We went to Red Lobster with a gift certificate my parents had given us for Christmas, along with the offer of free babysitting. Then, since we were early for the movie, we went to Microcenter to pick up a couple of little things we needed- a black keyboard to match my new screen, a mini-mouse that Ali's tiny hands can manipulate(he's been dragging it around the house today, though, and dropped it on the floor of couple of times), and some other things. Then we drove a few feet over to the movie theater parking lot, and walked in. I then made a tragic mistake- I said, "The perfect date, dinner, a computer store, and a movie." The movie was terrible. About 5 minutes into it, H realized how truly terrible it was. I held on to my optimism for a few more minutes, but it was soon clear that the story was not going to veer into the unpredictable, and the acting was not going to improve. The only bright spot was Katherine Heigl, and even she wasn't enough to illuminate the onscreen action. The actress who played her sister was acting at full volume, and the actors that played her boss and her dad could have turned their volumes up a bit- maybe they were compensating. I think the problem they were all having was that their characters were so shallow there wasn't anywhere to go with them. Only Heigl's character had any depth, but barely beyond that of a kiddie pool. Recommendation? Don't go anywhere near it. And when it comes on t.v. in a couple of months, turn it off and read a good book.

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concretegodmother said...

aw. that's too bad. i had kind of wanted to see it. guess not. "atonement" was gorgeous! even as someone who read the book first, i highly recommend it. sorry the date ended so crappily. perhaps it'll become something you and h laugh about.