Monday, January 07, 2008


is not fun. I thought I had it all together for this semester- oh yes! But now some books that I need NOW have gone missing because the office staff cleared out the office they were in over the break? We've searched high and low. The only hope is that they were given to the Library because they might return them. But the woman who knows left already, so I have to wait until tomorrow.
And what else? Oh, yeah. I got a new computer today! Yeah! Or so I thought. It turns out it has the new version of Microsoft Office, which looks completely different from the old one. Just what I wanted- a learning curve. And I've also gotten paint on one of my favorite skirts. I knew the column was freshly painted- I'd watched the guy slap it on, but then my skirt brushed against it.
I guess I should have stayed in bed.
(Or I should look at the bright side- I saw colleagues that I like and respect, and got to catch up on their lives.)

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