Sunday, January 06, 2008

To the moon!

Last night Ali said he wanted to go to the moon in a rocket ship. He went all over looking for his rocket- I thought he meant the launchable ones he got for Christmas. No, not those. He looked in his backpack and cried and wailed.Finally I told him that we could build him one tomorrow. That calmed him down enough to talk about his trip to the moon. "I'll miss you mommy," he said. "I'll miss you, too, Ali." In fact, I'd miss him so much that he just can't go.
Leila went off to spend the night with some friends. That was sooo fun for her. She told Ali she'd miss him, and he said, "I'll miss you, too." Lots of missing going on. Of course, neither one of them really missed each other, and he got mad when she came home and wanted to watch a dvd with him.
The dvd is part of the impetus for the whole rocket thing. Because Ali likes them so much, I picked up this cheap dvd in which a boy journeys around space in his pjs and the planets sing to him. Both of the kids really like it. The good thing is, I don't have to buy Ali a fancy astronaut suit- his pajamas suit him fine for space travel.
BTW- did anyone see The Astronaut Farmer? Fun flick.

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concretegodmother said...

Ah, lomagirl, your kid kills me! I love him and his reality! Astroboy! :-)