Monday, January 14, 2008

My Presidential matching quiz.

94% Dennis Kucinich (D)
91% Mike Gravel (D)
81% John Edwards (D)
80% Joe Biden (D)
78% Chris Dodd (D)
78% Barack Obama (D)
73% Hillary Clinton (D)
67% Bill Richardson (D)
31% Rudy Giuliani (R)
25% Ron Paul (R)
24% John McCain (R)
17% Mike Huckabee (R)
17% Mitt Romney (R)
12% Tom Tancredo (R)
7% Fred Thompson (R)

Presidential Matching Quiz
The thing about this that is a little frightening? The front runners are the furthest possible candidates from my ideal position.

1 comment:

concretegodmother said...

I was more Bill Richardson than anyone else, which is sad since he dropped out of the race. LOL.