Thursday, November 15, 2007


Oops. I'm doing it all wrong. I'm supposed to post a link about something that works for me on Wednesday but here it is on Thursday. (Well, it sort of worked for me yesterday.) This is from Rocks in My Dryer.
So now I'll tell you about something that I am trying to make work for me.
A checklist for stickers. Leila has to do certain things every day and then she gets a check for each thing. When she has five checks she gets a sticker. We talked about this on Sunday, and then we went to the computer to make a spreadsheet, and the computer died. Luckily it was a simple power thing that H could fix easily, but we didn't get back on the computer. So now we're using imaginary checks. "You don't get your check if you don't clear your plate." or "I guess you aren't getting the 'no whining' check today." Unfortunately, it's kind of wearing off. I need to get the real thing, and I need to make sure she gets a tangible reward pretty soon.
When I ask Ali to clean up he says, in a suitably whiny voice- "I can't." (notice the threat of tears, the plea for understanding.)

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