Monday, November 12, 2007

a close one

I like to walk over to Whole Foods on Sundays with the kids to pick up the few staples I get there- peanut butter, chicken or beef hotdogs, and the like. Sunday is a good day for it because they usually have a lot of tasting stations set up throughout the store.
Yesterday, Ali fell asleep (after telling me "no baf" several times.) Leila and I got ready to set out. The neighbor girls were playing basketball in our driveway, so Leila invited them to come along. I wasn't particularily happy about this, as I wanted to spend some Leila and me time, and, sure enough, she wasn't willing to hold my hand with these "cool" older girls along. When we got to the corner, she pushed the button for the crossing light. It changed immediately, and we stepped out into the street. I grabbed her hand, and a red pickup roared through the cross walk a few feet away.
Since I have a strained voice I couldn't yell what I wanted to at him. But I said "hey," and now I am very, very angry. It didn't seem too bad at first, but throughout the day on and off, and lying in bed at night, I began to think about what could have happened if Leila had chosen to run off ahead. Things like that happen, but, Thank you God!, not to Leila, not yesterday, and I pray, not ever.

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Lorenloo said...

yikes! how terrifying! i think it's really easy for drivers to think of themselves as the only ones on the road, but that needs to change! on the bus they have posters about "carcissism" to discourage people from being jerks to bicyclists. i'm glad you grabbed her hand! good mom reflexes!