Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ask me no questions.....

Today my students got to ask me questions to practice the present perfect. They came up with some good ones.
Have you ever been to Pakistan? No. (But maybe I'll go if Benzanir Bhutto becomes the leader again.)
Have you ever been on television? Yes. I was an extra in the telenovela Perro Amor. I had so much fun playing a fan of the band and getting to kiss the lead singer on the cheek. Later I also played a passenger on an airplane. Unfortunately, I never got to see myself as I started teaching in the evenings.
Have you ever written a book? Yes. I wrote a couple of textbooks in the Teenagers English series for highschool EFL students. It may be in use in South America.
Have you ever told a lie? (Oh dear. This is where it got complicated.) I said "I've never told a lie" and we all laughed. I said I sometimes told lies, but usually just polite ones or ones to not hurt someone.
And then one of my students said a very nice thing. She said, "I can tell by looking at you that you are not the kind of person who lies."
Now I'll have to live up to that.

p.s. One of them also asked me if I'd ever been in jail. I said "no" which is true. But we all laughed and I said that was a dangerous question. Luckily I'm pretty good at keeping out of trouble.

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