Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Prayer language

After prayer tonight, during which I thanked God that Ali had pooped (after I think 5 days) and prayed that he would poop more regularly, I made some comment about using poop in my prayer. Leila said- “Why did you say “poop” to God- that’s rude.” So I explained that it isn’t really rude with a long, complicated explanation, which included that I would use “poop” with Grandma, and we have to use everyday language with God because we don’t want to make Him only for special occasions, like her black shoes that I won’t let her wear to school. God is for every day.
Before I could launch into the second half of my explanation, which is that we also need to use the language that we use with others to talk to God so that we remember when we are talking to other people to talk to them in the same respectful way we talk to God (my Quaker ancestors would be so proud!) she responded with:
He has a channel changer. He changes to day and to night. And it’s magic. It’s magic when He changes to night.

Ali refused to take a nap on the beach today as he sometimes does. “bugs,” he said, “bite you.” “Apartment.” (Well, that’s what he meant.) I brought him up here and he went to sleep on his own.

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some chick said...

saying "poop" to God is the least of my problems...