Monday, March 19, 2007

leila talk

The other day at Target Leila saw a decorative cross and said, "God got stuck on those one time." Hmm. I explained something.
When walking by the neighbors and seeing a huge pile of bags filled with leaves, H said, "Robert is..." "...tired," finished Leila.
Ali just talks through his pacifier still, but pretty clearly.
Today we discussed the story "A Man of Integrity" in 1302 class. The students were talking about it when I came in, and then we had a great discussion about what cheating is, and men and women being friends, and somehow we got onto the golden rule. I can't remember what someone said against it once- maybe it was that people with low self esteem won't necessarily treat others very well, since they won't expect that for themselves. Oh, I think it was a cultural thing- you can't always treat someone as you want to be treated because that might not be appropriate for their culture.
Anyway, I was preaching by the end of the class- I told them that I think the thing is to treat everyone the way you'd treat the person you most love or respect, like your mother. (I didn't say Jesus, but that's the real goal- like Zoe says.) Anyways, some of my students said that people didn't want to be treated that way. I really enjoy those class discussions.
At the very beginning of class we were talking about spring break, and one student groaned that he worked a lot- I said, "Think of the money," which shocked another student. He said he didn't think I'd say something like that. But I do sometimes, when I need a boost to get up extra early for an extra class, or to stay late on Friday night for the class I taught in the Fall. Not that money is my prime motivator- just for some things.

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